About Lynda Oniah

Lynda Oniah (OH-KNEE-AH) hails originally from Lagos, Nigeria, and is the founder and lead designer of Stand Tall Jeans (STJ). Entrepreneurship runs through her veins and is inspired by her father who always embodied a can-do mindset while building several businesses during Lynda’s childhood. Even when a 9-5 job held down a portion of Lynda’s life, she always viewed that period as a stepping stone in a pursuit to follow in her father’s footsteps and build her own business someday. 

After relocating to the UK in 2000, Lynda earned a Master's Degree in Management, which spurred a move to the U.S. that resulted in a thriving career in the Banking and Treasury service sector. Despite her great success, Lynda’s passion for entrepreneurship and a career in fashion kept knocking at her door. Childhood memories of organizing teenage fashion shows in her neighborhood, on a makeshift runway, loomed large in her memory and Lynda came to realize that fashion was more than just a passing fixation from her younger years.  

In 2006, enrollment in the San Francisco Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM) was the logical next step, and a passion she pursued while still working full-time in finance. It was at FIDM, that Lynda honed her skills and focus, and in so doing she graduated with honors, which was a significant accomplishment, and one she deems the best professional decision of her life.

Brimming with creative inspiration to put her newly-minted degree into play, Lynda launched Oniah Design Studio (ODS) which encompassed a large variety of apparel inspired by the vibrant Ankara fabrics from Nigeria. The experience of running that design house was transformative, fueling Lynda’s creative drive and solidifying her dedication to the art form.

Eventually, Lynda closed the doors of ODS and with the experience she gleaned from that time, felt inspired to hone her focus and bring to market Stand Tall Jeans, a brand that addresses the long-standing gap in the market to serve the unique proportions of tall women with savvy style. As lead designer of this new venture, Lynda’s commitment is driven by the singular goal to provide confidence, comfort, and style, with proportions that cater specifically to the unique attributes of tall women.  STJ has adopted a focused and streamlined approach, taking time to unveil each piece to loyal “Stand Tallers”, ensuring a full appreciation for every aspect of the Stand Tall line of denim.   

Lynda and her husband now reside in Central California where she is full-time CEO and lead designer of Stand Tall Jeans.